European regulators have given approval to AstraZeneca for its lung cancer drug Tagrisso, according to Fortune.

European regulators have given the green light to Astrazeneca’s new lung cancer drug Tagrisso, a potential blockbuster treatment that could bring in as much as $3 billion a year in sales for the company, according to the company.

The approval comes only two months after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave its go-ahead. Tagrisso was the first drug given expedited review by the European Medicines Agency, according to Astrazeneca.

Tagrisso, known commonly as osimertinib, targets a specific mutation called T790M that is normally drug-resistant. It’s the first treatment to do so and has rapidly progressed through development, going from its first human trial in 2013 to an FDA approval in just over two and a half years in the U.S.

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