VORTRAN Medical Technology 1 Inc, Sacramento, is offering a discount of $50 off list price on the VAR™ Monitor. The program began April 1 and will end June 30, 2009. The VAR Monitor is designed for monitoring any noncycling condition of the VORTRAN Automatic Resuscitator (VAR™). The monitor operates with a standard 9 VDC battery, works with all current VAR models, and is easy to set up and use.


The newly redesigned Web site contains enhanced information with more educational content and greater functionality. Additionally, the Web site provides a direct link to VORTRAN’s educational module sponsorship programs through Access CE Inc.


Finally, VORTRAN is sponsoring free online CEUs. Clinicians obtain 2 contract hours of continuing education credit at no charge.  Subject matter is pertinent to mechanical ventilation in disaster and mass casualty incident scenarios, and, according to the company, will foster guidance for the medical community charged with preparing for mass casualty and mechanical ventilation.