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RT Magazine hosted a free webinar presentation on COPD readmissions on Wednesday January 28, 2015. The webinar presented successful multidisciplinary strategies for avoiding unnecessary COPD readmissions, the financial impact of readmissions (including the impact of the Affordable Care Act’s Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program), and ways that departments and RTs can incorporate best practices to reduce and prevent COPD readmissions.

The webinar included presentations by our panelists, who represent a range of clinical backgrounds, including the COPD Foundation and University of California, Davis Health System.

Webinar14-COPD-LouieS-200Samuel Louie, MD, is a physician of Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care, University of California Davis Health System, where he launched the UC Davis ROAD (Reversible Obstructive Airway Diseases) program to reduce hospital admissions for COPD. Dr. Louie also directs the UC Davis Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program.

Webinar14-COPD-CraddockK-200Krystal Craddock, RCP, RRT-NPS, is the COPD Case Manager for the Department of Respiratory Care at University of California Davis Medical Center, where she focuses on reducing and preventing readmissions of COPD and works with Dr. Samuel Louie and the UC Davis ROAD program.

Webinar15-COPD-JSullivanJamie Sullivan, MPH is the senior director of Public Policy and Outcomes at the COPD Foundation, where she is focused on federal, state and regulatory policy issues related to COPD, with a particular emphasis on creating public health infrastructure to address the wide-ranging impacts of the disease.

The presentations were followed by a lengthy question and answer session, using audience-submitted questions about reducing and preventing unnecessary COPD readmissions.

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