Mirage Swift® nasal pillows system

ResMed® Corp

ResMed Corp, Poway, Calif, introduces the Mirage Swift® nasal pillows system. Incredibly light, the Mirage Swift weighs approximately 2.5 ounces (70 g), making it one of the lightest nasal pillow systems on the market. It rests lightly at the entrance of the nostrils, minimizing facial contact and maximizing comfort. The Mirage Swift air tube features interchangeable positions to afford patients more choices in sleeping positions. Its innovative design, combined with the soft, secure headgear, enhances seal and stability and eliminates the need to overtighten. Once adjusted, the Mirage Swift system can be fitted quickly and easily, without clips or Velcro®. It also reduces inventory, as each Mirage Swift system ships with three sizes—S, M, L—eliminating the need for fitting templates. Each product comes packed with its own carry bag, including an educational CD, quick-fit guide, and user instructions. (800) 424-0737; www.resmed.com.