Results from a clinical trial on PnuBioVax, a vaccine for pneumococcal lung infections, show that it can safely be used in humans.

Marking the first time for the vaccine PnuBioVax to be tested in humans, the company presented the results of the phase 1 clinical trial at the 10th International Symposium on Pneumococci and Pneumococcal Diseases (ISPPD) in Glasgow, UK.

“The results of this study have demonstrated the safety of PnuBioVax in adults, and we are now looking at developing the vaccine further, focusing on the at-risk populations for pneumococcal disease of the young and the elderly” said ImmunoBiology‘s Development Director Dr Chris Bailey, in a press release.

The study enrolled 36 healthy adult male and female volunteers. Participants were divided into four groups; three groups received three different doses of the vaccine (50, 200, and 500 µg) and the last group received a placebo. All were administered three times, 28 days apart.

Neither the clinician nor the participants knew who recieved what.

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