Alere Inc’s forensic toxicology division, Alere Forensics at Redwood Toxicology Laboratory, has received accreditation from the American Board of Forensic Toxicology (ABFT).

The accreditation, effective December 1, 2016, encompasses post-mortem and human performance toxicology analysis, and covers driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol (DUID) testing. With ABFT accreditation, and Title 17 recognition from the California Department of Public Health, Alere’s forensic laboratory will deliver innovative and timely testing services.

“ABFT accreditation allows us to launch a vital service for agencies requiring DUID and post-mortem toxicology,” said Albert Berger, Vice President and General Manager. “By offering accurate results in a timely manner, we are well positioned to help criminal justice agencies and laboratories overwhelmed by backlogs.”

Alere Forensics at Redwood Toxicology Laboratory will offer screening and confirmation of more than 100 drugs and drug metabolites, using fully validated analytical methods performed by highly qualified toxicologists. Alere laboratories process millions of specimens for hundreds of government, forensic, and criminal justice organizations each year.