Congestive heart failure patients benefit from oxygen therapy with the Uni-flo2 Single-nasal Cannula System (Uni-flo2), according to a press announcement from the company. CHF patients welcome an inconspicuous, lightweight single cannula that not only may optimize oxygen absorption and improve health, but also improve appearance.

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“Treatment compliance is critical to ensure that the CHF patient is getting enough oxygen, and the introduction of the Uni-flo2 single cannula supports this objective,” said Campbell Cauthen, RRT, co-inventor of Uni-flo2.

The Uni-flo2 is a single-prong oxygen delivery device; the cannula includes a memory stabilization system that allows adjustment to all facial contours, the company reports.

“Uni-flo2  is designed to conform to facial contours which eliminates facial and neck irritation,” adds Cauthen.  “Our growing community of patients also report improved sleep and ability to eat and smell.  It’s always gratifying to hear from patients who tell us that they especially like the way they look with a single cannula.”

The company recently released a white paper: “Breathe Easier: Single-Prong Cannula Represents Important Breakthrough in Oxygen Therapy for COPD Patients.” The paper articulates issues related to the method of delivery of oxygen in supplemental oxygen therapy and highlights the advantages of the single-prong nasal cannula for people living with COPD.

The company reports that advantages of the Uni-flo2 most frequently cited by surveyed COPD patients are:

  • Greater comfort
  • Freedom of movement
  • Avoidance of facial skin irritation
  • Improved sleep
  • Ease of eating
  • Enhanced ability to smell fragrances and food
  • Enhanced personal appearance

“With the vast number of COPD patients struggling to breathe and requiring low flow supplemental oxygen, the introduction of the discreet, lightweight Uni-flo2 is a welcome life-changing experience that addresses the majority of the concerns expressed by long term dual nasal prong cannula users,” said Cauthen. “Half the weight, half the skin contact, and twice as discreet, the Uni-flo2 conforms to all facial contours and ensures continuous low flow oxygen availability and maximizes patient comfort.”