In the intricate world of intensive care, the sanctity of each breath remains unparalleled. While the Puritan Bennett™ 840 (PB840) ventilator embodied our enduring promise to patient safety, the march of medical innovation does not pause. Thus, we introduce the Puritan Bennett™ 980 (PB980) ventilator – a blend of cherished legacy and fresh innovation.

Prioritizing Predictive Care in Ventilation

In the realm of mechanical support, readiness for the unexpected is non-negotiable. The PB980 stands not merely as a device but as a sentinel of proactive patient care. What distinguishes it? How does it anticipate and counteract issues before they become emergencies?

Consider the challenge spotlighted by ECRI: Ventilators failing to detect patients post-transport. How does the PB980 preempt such pitfalls? The innovations might intrigue you.

Safeguarding Every Corner of the ICU

Safety in intensive care is all-encompassing. In the dynamic ICU landscape, ensuring the safety of healthcare providers is equally vital. Recollecting past outbreaks like SARS, how does the PB980 set the benchmark for shielding both caregivers and patients?

The PB980 comes enriched with a gamut of features: from forward-thinking care algorithms to ever-watchful alert systems and designs that minimize potential oversights. What elevates these features? And how do they sculpt the future of ventilator care?

Decipher the Nuances of the PB980

For those steering patient care in the demanding ICUs, the depth of understanding is pivotal. The PB980 isn’t just another machine; it represents transformative progress. Yet, its true essence is best understood when probed further.

Discover its intricate design, the rationale behind each innovation, and the strides that position the PB980 at the forefront of ICU ventilation. Comprehensive insights into its design philosophy and capabilities are detailed in our latest white paper.

Eager to journey into the next phase of ICU respiratory care? Complete the form below to access an in-depth exploration of the PB980’s promise.

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