A report from Yahoo News explores why health officials are worried about vaping products that target kids on websites like TikTok.

Vaping challenges are trending on TikTok, encouraging young people to make shapes like “ghosts”, and rings with the smoke from the device, with many saying the “trick” is to breathe in more vapor.

Although vaping has often been seen as the ‘healthier’ alternative to smoking in the past, medical experts are warning it’s far from it.

Vapours can contain cancer-causing agents, toxins, heavy metals, and very fine particles that can cause adverse health effects, leading health professionals to worry that current trends could have devastating long-lasting effects on young people and eventually lead to nicotine addiction.

“Adolescence is a critical period for brain development and exposure to nicotine can have long-term health consequences, impacting memory, attention and learning.” NSW Health spokesperson Mark Douglass said in a statement to Yahoo News Australia.

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