A report from the World Health Organization indicates that a second case of MERS has been reported in Austria and was confirmed on September 8 by the reference laboratory in Vienna.

The patient is a 67 year old male visitor from Saudi Arabia (citizen and resident) who arrived in Vienna, Austria on 4 September 2016. The onset of symptoms (fever and cough) was on 6 September.

The patient, who has an underlying medical condition, was hospitalized with severe pneumonia on 7 September, and he is currently in isolation in critical condition.

MERS-CoV was confirmed on 8 September by the reference laboratory in Vienna.

The patient, who is a camel breeder, has confirmed contact with camel livestock in Saudi Arabia in the 14 days prior to symptom onset.

The first MERS-CoV case in Austria was notified on 30 September 2014.

In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Agriculture has been informed and investigation of camels is ongoing. The camels have been sampled and are under quarantine.

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