Parents of children with asthma should ensure that their asthma is well controlled to avoid potential complications from contact with the respiratory virus EV-D68, according to the Ontario Lung Association.

Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) causes heightened problems for people who suffer from asthma. This is a similar type of virus as the virus that causes polio, although it is important to stress that most enterovirus infections are relatively harmless for people with healthy lung function.

Cases of the rare enterovirus have been confirmed in Alberta and are suspected at a hospital in Windsor. To find out more, Digital Journal spoke with Dr Sharon Dell, a respirologist at Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital.

“Although there is no specific treatment for EV-D68, see your health care provider if you have any concerns. If you have a lung condition, be extra diligent in managing it well. Avoid your triggers and take your medicines as prescribed. Follow a written action plan from your health-care provider,” said Dell.