productThe KnightStar™ 330 Ventilator by Puritan Bennett, Pleasanton, Calif, is a blower-based, bilevel positive pressure ventilator system designed to noninvasively treat spontaneously breathing patients weighing 30 kg or more. A compact, quiet, and convenient ventilator system, the KnightStar 330 can be used to treat respiratory insufficiency and/or obstructive sleep apnea in the home, hospital, or institutional setting. The device may also be used by hospitals and other medical institutions to treat respiratory failure. (800) 635-5267;

productThe Esprit® Critical Care Ventilator by Respironics, Pittsburgh, features high-performance, state-of-the-art breath delivery with flexible triggering and cycling. The intuitive touch screen makes Esprit easy to use, simple to learn, and upgradeable. The Esprit incorporates the functionality of a critical care ventilator with the needed flexibility to be used across the full range of patient care. It is designed to effectively deliver both invasive and noninvasive ventilation, eliminating the need to use two separate ventilators for one patient. (800) 345-6443;

productNewport Medical Instruments Inc, Newport Beach, Calif, introduces the Newport HT50, a ventilator for pediatrics and adults for emergency department, sub-acute care, home care, and transport (version HT50-T) applications. The unit features an internal micro dual piston gas delivery system that eliminates the need for external compressed air. The HT50 delivers pressure or volume ventilation in A/CMV, SIMV, and SPONT modes. It offers pressure support, backup ventilation, and built-in PEEP/CPAP, while standard monitoring includes peak, mean and base airway pressure, set tidal volume, total frequency, inspiratory minute volume, and internal battery charge level. Clinical and technical support are available at no additional cost through Newport’s 24/7 Help Lines. (949) 642-3910;

productThe Electromedical Systems Division of Siemens Medical Solutions, Danvers, Mass, introduces Servoi®, a ventilator platform bringing enhanced levels of clinical performance, cost efficiency, and mobility to the user. Servoi provides a wide range of ventilation modes such as volume support, SIMV-PRVC, and Automode® function. Three system configurations are available, Servoi Infant, Servoi Adult, and Servoi Universal. (888) 826-9702;

productThe LTV800 by Pulmonetic Systems, Colton, Calif, is the newest addition to the LTV™ Series Ventilators. The LTV800 is designed specifically for patients requiring volume ventilation, providing innovative technology within a compact, lightweight design. (909) 783-2280;

productGALILEO®, by Hamilton Medical, Reno, Nev, provides precise measurement of pressure, volume, and flow at the proximal airway for small infants through adults. This feature, combined with GALILEO’s adaptive pressure technology, provides the clinician with advanced programmable philosophies of operation, including minimum pressure strategies to optimize ventilatory support. The unit’s trending feature provides clinicians with precise details of the clinical management history. The clinician interface provides easy operation while allowing extensive monitoring, graphics, and therapeutic flexibility. (800) 426-6331;

productVIASYS Healthcare, Conshohocken, Pa, introduces the AVEA Ventilator, the first generation of integrated life support designed to meet the needs of all neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients. An advanced gas delivery system using closed loop feedback from a patented three-stage inspiratory flow sensor provides precise flow metering as low as 0.4 lpm. AVEA simplifies Heliox delivery by employing a patented smart connector, automatically making all corrections necessary to display accurate waveforms and monitored data, eliminating the need for manual calculations. AVEA also eliminates the need for multiple tanks to deliver different mixtures of Heliox. AVEA is not yet 510(k) approved. (610) 862-0800;