productFuturemed America Inc, Granada Hills, Calif, offers the Discovery, a small portable spirometer designed to include the features of large, office-based pulmonary function testing (PFT) equipment. Discovery’s LCD monitor displays tests in real time, allowing more efficient monitoring of patient performance. Discovery stores up to 100 records, and Futuremed provides Windows® data management software that allows patients’ PFT records to be stored on a computer for future review and comparison. Discovery does not require a base station. (800) 222-6780;

productPulmonary Data Services (PDS), Louisville, Colo, offers the KoKo Spirometer, which is powered by comprehensive spirometry software. Users can adapt performance to the level of sophistication required. The optional integrated dosimeter provides accurate, reproducible automation of bronchial provocation procedures. KoKo Spirometers use a brass “Fleisch-Type” pneumotach for accuracy and durability. The spirometers have been independently validated to exceed the ATS 1994 recommendations for ambient and BTPS-conditioned air. (800) 574-7374;

productQRS Diagnostic LLC, Plymouth, Minn, offers SpiroCard®, SpirOxCard®, and Sensaire™. All QRS spirometry devices support precalibrated, single-use, disposable mouthpieces. SpiroCard delivers complete diagnostics, and slides into the PC card drives of desktop, laptop, or handheld computers, making them work as functioning, mobile spirometers. SpiroCard features clear, concise, and accurate testing and stores hundreds of test results. SpirOxCard is a combination spirometer/pulse oximeter, and Sensaire is a handheld spirometer with a touch screen and real-time graphics. (800) 465-8408;

productWeighing only 10 ounces, the IQmark™ Digital Spirometer from Brentwood® by Midmark®, Torrance, Calif, is a fully functional diagnostic spirometer that has met or exceeded the requirements of the ATS. All standard spirometry measurements are available, including FEV6 as recommended by NLHEP. Full loop, FVC, SVC, MVV, and pre/post BD tests are easily performed, analyzed, and interpreted on this computer-based spirometer. (800) 624-8950;

productWelch Allyn Inc, San Diego, offers its portable model SP-2 handheld spirometer. The cordless, pocket-sized spirometer features full testing capabilities including expiratory and inspiratory measurements. The spirometer can be used for flow volume loops and offers a graphic LCD display, infrared data download to standard printers, and disposable flow sensors to minimize cross-contamination. These mouthpieces eliminate extra filters as well as the labor and materials required for repeated mouthpiece sterilization. (800) 535-6663;

productMicro Direct Inc, Auburn, Me, introduces the MicroLoop handheld spirometer, which features a high-visibility paper-white screen that can display volume/time curves and complete flow/volume loop, the “milkshake kid” child incentive, alpha/numeric keypad, on-screen quality assurance prompts, choice of predicted values, choice of 36 spirometry parameters, and storage capacity for 1,000 patients. The MicroLoop comes with Windows®-based software or can be connected directly to a printer. (800) 588-3381;

productJones Medical, Oak Brook, Ill, offers the Satellite/Base Station 3, a full-function handheld spirometer system with the portability of the 1-pound Satellite and the power and performance of the Base Station. The disposable measuring system eliminates sterilization difficulties and provides accurate results. The Base Station option provides a remote database, recharger, and high-speed printing combination. (800) 323-7336;

productThe EasyOne™ Spirometry System from NDD Medical Technologies, Chelmsford, Mass, has an open flow path without screens or moving parts, and no cleaning is needed with the hygienic mouthpiece. With two versions available, the Diagnostic version for use in various settings is a fully functional unit, and the Frontline version is better suited for low-cost, simple, time-efficient environments such as primary care, emergency departments, bedside, health fairs, fitness centers, and home care. (877) 904-0090;