productRespiratory Conference
Focus Publications presents the third annual FOCUS on Respiratory Care & Sleep Medicine Conference for Respiratory Therapists, Nurses, Sleep Technologists, and Physicians, April 10-12, 2003, at the Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tenn. The registration fee is $225 ($200 for students) and includes 42 lectures in adult respiratory care, pediatric/neonatal respiratory care, sleep medicine, management, education, home care and holistic medicine, plus four bonus workshops. Also included are two meals, a night at the Grand Ole Opry, a festive exhibit hall, and a 3-hour opening party with free food and refreshments. The keynote speaker is Naomi Judd. The exhibit hall will feature 160 exhibitors with door prizes, caricature artists, live music, and free happy hours. Sixteen continuing education credits are available for each discipline. (800) 661-5690;

productPulse Oximetry Sensors
Datex-Ohmeda Inc, Madison, Wis, introduces Sensitive Skin and Wrap pulse oximetry sensors—two new additions to the OxyTip®+ product line. Designed for adult and pediatric applications, the sensors are durable and easy to use. Sensitive Skin semi-reusable sensors are effective for use with premature infants through small adults. Wrap reusable sensors can be used on infants through adults. Both sensors offer multi-site applications and a smooth, comfortable patient interface that is easy to clean. (800) 345-2700;

productDual Parameter Monitor
The Avant™ 2120 Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitor/Digital Pulse Oximeter from Nonin Medical Inc, Plymouth, Minn, combines pulse oximetry with oscillometric NIBP in a compact, lightweight, portable unit. Features include automatic and on-demand readings, adjustable and dynamic inflation pressure, review of up to 300 readings, quick on-site user calibration, adjustable and customized alarms, dual voltage and long-life battery operation, easy-to-read display indicators, and data capture. The monitor may be used on patients from pediatric to adult, and accessories include assorted cuff sizes, oximetry sensors, rolling stand, and carrying case. (800) 356-8874;

productCPAP Mask
Hans Rudolph Inc, Kansas City, Mo, introduces its Nasal CPAP/Bi-Level Mask and Comfort Seal™ Foam as a solution to the CPAP compliance issue for many patients with obstructive sleep apnea, thereby providing improved patient care for hospitals and increased sales and profitability. The mask is soft, light, and available in various sizes, and it allows the patient to read and watch television while wearing the mask. It has multiple face sealing options and an adjustable nose strap. The patient can choose from three sealing surfaces, including the soft silicone rubber mask flange, Comfort Seal Foam, or Ultimate Seal™ Gel. Special models for the United States and Europe are available. (800) 456-6695;

productHeated CPAP
Respironics Inc, Murrysville, Pa, introduces its H2 Heated Humidifier, a stand-alone, adjustable heated humidification system for use with its CPAP and bilevel systems. Intended for home use, the humidifier warms and moistens the air delivered by positive airway pressure devices to enhance patient comfort and compliance. Heated humidification can help to prevent nasal dryness, congestion, and discomfort that are sometimes associated with this kind of therapy. (800) 345-6443;

BCI Inc, Waukesha, Wis, introduces the Capnocheck® Sleep Capnograph/Oximeter, which provides reliable measurements of CO2 and SpO2 and can be used for sleep screening and laboratory-based studies. The system uses serial autocorrelation digital pulse oximetry technology for reliable SpO2 measurements, and the breath by breath CO2 detection and display are effective for places where fast response to patient change is needed. (800) 558-2345;