This summer, Vitalograph is celebrating 21 years of empowering respiratory research through clinical trials services, building on its legacy of manufacturing respiratory diagnostic devices since 1963.

Team members from the US, UK, and Ireland will be marking this milestone by fundraising for local respiratory charities in support of Vitalograph’s commitment to improve patient lives.

“We are hugely proud of our team’s dedication and innovation to drive quality across the growing range of services whilst maintaining a focus on sponsor and protocol-specific requirements,” said Richard James, Clinical Trials director, Vitalograph. “I am delighted that this is evidenced by excellent quality outcomes, returning customers and positive site feedback. Our ongoing mission is to improve patient lives through the delivery of clinical trial respiratory endpoints for the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.”

Vitalograph’s Clinical Trials division offers expert clinical, project, and data management services along with their innovative device solutions, delivered by experienced teams who are known for their friendly, customer-centric approach.

Vitalograph specializes in electronic data capture of physiological respiratory measures and eCOA, along with further endpoints commonly used in respiratory studies such as blood pressure and ECG. Through strategic investment in research and development of respiratory diagnostic products, Vitalograph offers ground-breaking data collection systems for clinical trials. Two such systems are VitaloJAK, a validated cough monitoring system for measuring objective cough frequency in commercial clinical trials, and In2itive e-Diary for collecting home ePRO and physiological respiratory measurements.

“As it looks to the future, Vitalograph is committed to continuing to deliver expert study services and to design unique respiratory diagnostic solutions that are validated, accurate and tailored to meet the needs of each clinical trial,” the company said.