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Products: LifeStyle and FreeStyle
Two POCs by AirSep Corp have set high patient mobility standards in more than 100 countries around the world. LifeStyle, the industry’s first POC, is a less-than-10-pound economical solution for providers who wish to offer increased ambulation opportunities for their working, highly active, and traveling patients. AirSep LifeStyle is available with an optional PowerPack for increased battery time, and an optional custom cart with telescopic handle for easy movement.

As a “wearable” POC, FreeStyle provides a lightweight 4.4-pound alternative with battery duration from 2 to 31/2 hours between recharges. Its optional AirBelt extends battery life up to 10 hours, depending on pulse-flow setting. AirSep POCs operate on multiple power sources, including AC household electric, 12-volt DC for automobiles, and rechargeable battery. Even solar-powered applications are feasible with this versatility. FreeStyle combines “fashion and function” in one compact, easy-to-carry unit that can be ordered with optional designer-styled carrying cases and matching AirBelts. Both AirSep concentrators have the FAA’s clearance for use on commercial airlines. AirSep’s Web site offers an extensive list of airline approvals. AirSep’s new CareFree program assists oxygen patients with worry-free travel.

Ingen Technologies

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Product: OxyView™
OxyView is the world’s first patient in-line flow-meter that provides a visual signal for gas flow through a conduit. More particularly, it provides a visual cue to the flow of gas through a cannula, which conventionally employs very low pressure and gas volume to a patient using the OxyView. The device is adapted to be engaged between the nose/mouth-mounted cannula, to which compressed air is delivered through a flexible conduit. It delivers an easily read confirmation of actual continuous flow and of volume of oxygen. OxyView is more advanced and more accurate than conventional flow meters, which typically employ a ball that translates up and down and is dependent on gravity, and must maintain a vertical position for accuracy and functionality.

Editor’s Note
For more oxygen products, see RT‘s online Buyer’s Guide.

OxyView is patient friendly and can quickly be mounted “in-line” anywhere between the regulator and patient mask or breathing section of the cannula. Most important, the oxygen source, such as a concentrator, respiratory equipment, CPAP, or gas/liquid cylinder, can be placed at any distance from the patient since OxyView can be mounted close to the patient and in-line with the oxygen tubing. OxyView can quickly verify to the patient/caregiver the correct oxygen flow, leaks, or malfunction in the regulator or respiratory equipment. OxyView is the new generation of pneumatic safety devices needed in the growing oxygen therapy market.


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Product: Inogen One
Inogen offers the Inogen One, an oxygen therapy technology designed to eliminate scheduled deliveries and the associated costs of coordinating patient travel, thereby reducing reimbursement pressure. Inogen One emphasizes single-solution, cost-effective respiratory home health care equipment, improving patient care as well as operational efficiency for providers. Inogen was founded in 2001 to develop products that improve quality of life and increase freedom and mobility for respiratory disease sufferers, predominantly COPD patients. COPD is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States, and the only major disease with an ever-increasing death rate.

Supplemental oxygen reduces the symptoms of the disease and extends life expectancy of patients with COPD. Despite the clear benefits of oxygen in extending life and maintaining health, many patients find it difficult to comply with therapy because available therapy devices inhibit their ability to lead an active life. Meeting the needs of today’s more ambulatory patient is straining the resources of many respiratory care providers. Inogen is developing a line of lightweight, all-purpose oxygen therapy devices that effectively integrate into patients’ lifestyles and allow providers to improve operating profits. Inogen’s team is passionate about their mission and committed to serving the unique needs of respiratory patients and providers.


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Product: Oxygen analyzers
Oxigraf makes oxygen analyzers for medical gas certification, safety monitoring, and process control using tunable laser diode technology. Oxigraf has no moving parts as do paramagnetic sensors and no cell replacement as with electrochemical sensors. The laser diode is rated for 400,000 hours MTF.

Oxigraf corrects for pressure and temperature; recalibration is not required as the weather changes. Programmable alarms, analog and digital outputs, as well as autocalibration are available. The desktop enclosure has LED displays, and the weatherproof enclosure features a vacuum fluorescent display and capacitive touch key interface.


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Product: EverGo™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator
The EverGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator from Respironics is the oxygen therapy solution that lets active patients do the things they want—without worrying about running out of oxygen. Its 8-hour battery life, 1,050 mL per minute oxygen capacity, lightweight design (weighs less than 10 pounds), and easy-to-use touch screen mean patients can finally be active all day. And the EverGo portable concentrator helps home care providers control costs by eliminating the expense of oxygen delivery. EverGo is ideally suited for people who enjoy travel, and has been cleared by the FAA for use on commercial airlines. HCPCS codes for this product are E1390 and E1392.

Responsive Respiratory Inc

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Product: Private Label Program
Responsive Respiratory’s new Private Label Program allows providers to display their company logo or name on cylinder carry cases, oxygen conservers/O2 regulators, and cylinders. The program is directed toward the intermediate-sized provider to increase referrals, reduce equipment loss, and minimize title transfer through logo/name recognition. Carrying cases are silk screened with the company logo for instant advertising. Regulators and conservers are etched for company recognition and identification of the equipment source. Luxfer cylinders are labeled securely under the clearcoat. The program is easy to implement with low minimum-quantity requirements.

SeQual Technologies

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Product: Eclipse™
SeQual Technologies Inc offers the Eclipse Oxygen System. The Eclipse provides 3 LPM of continuous flow oxygen therapy. The telescoping handle cart facilitates movement in or outside the home. The internal auto-recharge power cartridge enables easy movement between AC and DC power outlets without interruption of oxygen therapy, allowing longer excursion times as well as overnight travel. The Eclipse eliminates the fear of running out of oxygen and gives patients peace of mind.

Founded in 1991, SeQual Technologies Inc provides innovative oxygen concentrator systems and air-dryer products for medical, military, industrial, and commercial markets. SeQual’s oxygen concentrators range from the 3 LPM continuous flow portable Eclipse to the popular, easy-to-use bedside Integra 10 LPM unit, to large industrial systems. The company’s oxygen systems and air dryers are known for their reliability, quality, design, and economy.