CPAP for Infants
The NeoPAP™ CPAP Care for Babies™ System from Respironics, Murrysville, Pa, is a unique critical care CPAP delivery and treatment system for neonates with a range of respiratory difficulties. It is designed so the pressure generation technology is moved away from the face, helping to maximize comfort and reduce septal damage. The integrated system includes Baby-Trak™ automatic pressure control and leak compensation technology; smaller, more flexible nasal prongs; advanced heated humidification technology; and quiet operation. (800) 345-6443;

Apnea Monitoring
CAS Medical Systems Inc, Branford, Conn, offers a family of products for apnea monitoring needs. For home use, the portable Ami Plus monitor provides a built-in modem. In the hospital, the 511 monitor offers durable heart and respiration monitoring along with the option of the latest in oximetry technology all in one unit. CAS Express software allows users to quickly access, review, and analyze data from either the Ami Plus or the 511. CAS also offers a line of disposable supplies for the neonatal intensive care area. (800) 227-4414;

 Aerosol Delivery
The Bear from KidO’s LLC, Dallas, is an innovative delivery system for aerosol or oxygen therapy for children with asthma or other acute respiratory illnesses. The Bear combines a recognizable, friendly squeaky toy with the ability to both directly deliver medication to the child from a standard nebulizer and provide oxygen-only therapy. The Bear provides immediate and effective treatment while simultaneously calming the fussy or anxious pediatric patient. (888) 959-5437;

 Infant Transport Ventilator
The babyPAC™ Emergency and Transport Ventilator from Smiths Medical PM Inc, Waukesha, Wis, is specifically designed to deliver ventilation to small, fragile lungs with precision and confidence, and its MRI compatibility allows flexible transport throughout the hospital. The unique variable gas mixing system extends cylinder life and allows precise selection of oxygen concentration while incorporating a comprehensive range of features to help control and monitor ventilation parameters at all times. Small and lightweight, the babyPAC mounts easily on the side of an incubator or an IV pole, making it ideal for use in the hospital or during emergency situations. (800) 558-2345;

 Asthma Monitoring
Intelligent disease management is essential in preventing serious asthma attacks. The Kidz-Med® Whistle Watch™ from Kidz-Med Inc, New Paltz, NY, allows parents to monitor their child’s peak flow at home—or even over the phone. The device must first be preset by a clinician to 80% of the child’s best peak respiratory flow. If the child is unable to produce a whistle sound, an asthma attack can be prevented by initiating treatment as recommended by the clinician. The Whistle Watch may also be used to monitor other respiratory diseases. (866) 543-9633;

 High-Frequency Ventilator
For a limited time only, Bunnell Inc, Salt Lake City, is offering a $5,000 trade-in on Infant Star HFVs in working condition for the Life Pulse HFV. The Bunnell Life Pulse HFV is an excellent choice for replacing the Infant Star because it offers a broad range of therapeutic options. The company’s latest update, the WhisperJet patient box (a new inspiratory valve), reduces HFV noise by as much as 75%. (800) 800-4358;

 Ventilator Swallowing and Speaking Valve
Passy-Muir Inc, Irvine, Calif, offers the PMV 007 (Aqua) tracheostomy and ventilator swallowing and speaking valve. The PMV 007 is the only closed position, “no leak” valve designed to fit readily into disposable ventilator tubing and directly on the 15 mm hub of most tracheostomy tubes, including neonatal, pediatric and adult tubes. The valve opens upon inspiration and closes at the end of inspiration, redirecting all exhaled air around the tracheostomy tube and out the oronasopharynx, which allows clear uninterrupted speech. The patented PMV design restores a closed respiratory system, creating the necessary pressures demonstrated to improve swallowing, reduce aspiration, improve oxygenation, facilitate secretion management, and reduce weaning and decannulation times. The PMV 007 is indicated for in-line ventilator use with all acute and home ventilators. (800) 634-5397;

 Infant Apnea Monitor Accessories
MED-DYNE, Louisville, Ky, offers infant apnea monitoring accessories, filters for CPAP units, and oxygen concentrators. We carry a complete line of infant apnea monitoring accessories including in-stock and custom-made kits, lead wires, electrodes, belts, patient cables, and monitor bags. We also carry ECG lead wires and filters for CPAP units, oxygen concentrators, compressors, and nebulizers. Quality products, competitive pricing, and customer care set us apart from our competition. (877) 633-3963;

 Oro-Nasal mask
The New VIP 7500 Series Oro-Nasal Vmask™ from Hans Rudolph, Kansas City, Mo, is a multipatient, multi-use full face mask interface to ventilators with a noninvasive ventilation mode for use in intensive care units, hospitals, other clinical settings, and homes. Unique features include a steam autoclavable, anatomically contoured silicone rubber face mask that fits under the patient’s chin, five sizes, ribbed support in the face seal, and an optional Sensa Seal™ for leak-free ventilation. The 7600 series is comfortable, which results in effective patient compliance during long- or short-term noninvasive ventilation. (800) 456-6695;

 Blood Gas Capillary Tubes
SAFE-T-FILL® blood gas capillary tubes from RAM Scientific, Yonkers, NY, are 100% plastic for safe capillary blood collection to meet all federal and state laboratory safety compliance requirements. Used to collect capillary blood samples from finger sticks, heel sticks, or direct from a catheter, these capillary tubes are ideal for replacing glass capillary, Natelson, and Caraway tubes. Available with either sodium or balanced heparin, and in a variety of sizes, SAFE-T-FILL blood gas capillary tubes may be used for blood gas analysis, for tests for multiple analytes, or as a transfer device for PKU and POC testing. The tubes are packaged in vials of 250 and are available through all major distributors. End caps, mixing fleas, and magnets are available separately. (800) 535-6734;

 Spirometric Calibrator
Jones Medical Instrument Co, Oak Brook, Ill, offers the Jones Flow/Volume Calibrator, a spirometric calibration system that digitally displays instantaneous FVCs, FEV1s, and FEFs both inspiratory and expiratory. It is effective for calibration of all pulmonary function testing devices. The unit is cordless and battery-operated for easy use and portability. The spirometry calibration can be checked for flow as well as volume accurately and affordably. The Jones Flow/Volume Calibrator assures conformance with Social Security Disability, ATS, and NIOSH guidelines. (800) 323-7336;

 Infant Sensor
SLP Inc, St. Charles, Ill, has introduced two innovative sensors for pediatric sleep studies. The first is a unique Piezo beltless infant respiratory effort sensor. This miniature, flat sensor was especially designed for infants and preemies. It is applied with a piece of adhesive tape on the chest or abdomen to acquire a strong and stable signal. The company has also released a Piezo infant thermal flow sensor. This miniature flow sensor was also specifically designed for infants and preemies (nasal flow only). Applied over the bridge of the nose, the fully adjustable Piezo element produces a signal much stronger than thermocouples. The safety pins connection is compatible with most systems. (888) 757-7367;