ZOLL Medical Corp has released CPR Extract capability for the ZOLL X Series Monitor/Defibrillator. The CPR Extract expands the interface between the X Series and national registries by including 14 measures of CPR quality and five additional time parameters recorded during resuscitation attempts, according to a company announcement.

With the new CPR Extract, X Series users who participate in national efforts such as the Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES) are able to include CPR metrics and receive important feedback on how to improve their cardiac arrest outcomes.

“The extract was developed in anticipation of the desire for quality-focused customers to fully participate in national registries such as CARES,” said Jonathan A. Rennert, president of ZOLL. “Given the recent understanding that high-quality CPR contributes to improving survival, registry participation going forward is an invaluable resource to organizations serving the public.”

The CARES program is an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest registry that has the potential to serve as the recognized registry for the US. Currently more than 800 EMS agencies and over 1,300 hospitals in 36 states representing a population footprint of 80 million people participate in the program.

The ZOLL CPR Extract is available to any electronic patient care reporting (ePCR) solution that connects with the X Series.

“In order for these out-of-hospital registries to gain traction, the flow of data needs to transcend proprietary databases,” said Greg Mears, MD, Medical Director of ZOLL. “ZOLL’s open data exchange policy means the CPR Extract capability is available to any X Series user no matter which ePCR system they presently use.”