ResMed Air Solutions is a forward-thinking connected care solution for treating sleep-disordered breathing that can benefit all stakeholders in the care continuum. The platform’s data-driven components span from diagnosis to treatment, compliance management and patient engagement, and include ApneaLink Air, AirSense 10 Series, AirCurve 10 Series, AirFit masks, AirView monitoring and compliance management system, and myAir patient engagement application and software. 800-424-0737; (See image above.)

Hans Rudolph Inc
offers Acute Care Full Face Masks for CPAP, BiLevel, & NIV Therapy. Disposable single-patient use and reusable multi-patient use masks are available in five sizes, equipped with a chin cup and no forehead bar, which allows patients to wear glasses. One mask, the V2, is available in either disposable or reusable versions. The seal of the V2 is completely redesigned to maximize the V2’s ability to seal to many different types of faces. There is no cumbersome forehead cushion or hard plastic frame in the V2 design, and the color of the port on the front of the mask indicates use for CPAP, bilevel, and NIV therapy. 800-456-6695;

3B Medical’s
new line of Luna CPAP and Auto-CPAP devices feature free data with wifi wireless connectivity and QR coding. The Luna comes standard with advanced comfort and efficacy features, including central sleep apnea (CSA) detection. 863-226-6285

A minimal contact, full face mask from Philips, Amara View’s under-the-nose design prevents red marks, discomfort and irritation on the nose. It also offers the widest field of vision of leading full face masks and allows patients to wear their glasses, read, and watch TV while wearing their mask. 800-345-6443;

CPAP Mask Wipes
from CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct help to remove oils, dirt, grease, and are safe to use on CPAP masks, accessories, tubing, and more. These odor free wipes leave your equipment clean and fresh, allowing a user to focus on what is most important: sleep. They are alcohol, latex and fragrance free. Purchased in one canister or a case of 12 for clinical settings. 877-791-3195;

The Aloha Nasal Pillow Mask
from Innomed Technologies is extremely lightweight and quiet and offers an incredibly stable and comfortable seal that requires minimal headgear tensioning. With its floating Ball-and-Socket Elbow, the Aloha Nasal Pillow Mask adapts to the most active sleepers and is one of the top rated CPAP masks according to patient online reviews. 800-200-9842;

The BPAP 25A
by 3B Medical has filled a niche for an economical Bi-Level unit. The BPAP 25A has the capability of being used as both standard and Auto Bi-Level. The pressure on the unit can be titrated up to 25cm H2O, includes RESlex breath relief, a ramp feature of up to 60 minutes, and variable inspiration times and rise times for individual patient comfort. 863-226-6285

CPAP Supplies Plus/Direct’s
Whisper Soft Nasal Mask combines an intuitive design to deliver a high degree of comfort and freedom of movement with minimal adjustments. The mask also features the SilentVent Elbow with a unique mesh exhalation diffuser that is ultra-quiet for a good night’s sleep. Four mask sizes and replacement parts are available. 877-791-3195;