myAir, ResMed’s program for CPAP users to track their own sleep apnea treatment, is now available in the US as an iOS app in the Apple App Store.

Roughly 900 patients a day sign up for the web application version of ResMed’s myAir that gives users a “myAir score” every morning – showing how long they slept on CPAP, how many apneas they had per hour and how well their CPAP mask fit. The app also provides personalized tips for greater comfort and sleep, and badges when users reach milestones in their therapy.

“myAir helps my patients be more engaged with their therapy and achieve better health outcomes,” said Jennifer Wilkymacky-Wormald, clinical and marketing manager for the Cincinnati-area ATI CPAP Solutions. “Plus, it helps our office run more efficiently. The more patients who achieve CPAP compliance, the more time we have to focus on patients who still need extra support.”

Eighty-four percent of myAir users are compliant on CPAP within 90 days;1 on average, 50% of CPAP users are compliant.2 Compliant CPAP use is key for patients to effectively treat their sleep apnea – and for their equipment providers to receive reimbursement from Medicare and other insurers.

“We have seen increased rates of patient engagement and satisfaction by integrating myAir into their treatment plans,” said Raj Sodhi, ResMed president of Healthcare Informatics. “Now it’s even easier for patients to engage with their therapy thanks to the added convenience of an iPhone app.”

The myAir app is available now in the Apple App Store for ResMed Air10 users in the US. Android users can still use ResMed’s myAir web application.



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