3M Drug Delivery Systems has developed the 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler, which is described as an intuitive device designed to deliver accurate doses of medication.

The inhaler’s ergonomic design, with a hygienic twist-and-lock cover, makes it easy to administer and discreet enough to be used comfortably in public. With accurate, metered dosing, 3M says patients can be confident that each dose was delivered. The optional dose counter also shows how much medication is left, and indicates when it’s time to replace the device.

“Providing an effective and intuitive delivery method for respiratory disease treatment is critical to patients, health care providers and payers alike,” said Louise Righton, 3M Drug Delivery Systems Global Marketing Operations Manager, in a press release. “Poor technique in using an inhaler, coupled with the challenges of getting patients to adhere to their medication protocols, can lead to exacerbations, increased use of health care resources and ultimately, a burden on health care systems. By increasing competence and adherence, we can realize better patient outcomes and reduce health care costs.”

The 3M Intelligent Control Inhaler incorporates several unique features that offer the potential to improve outcomes by reducing patient-associated variability and errors, and offer data on device use to healthcare providers. For example, controlled inspiration — a combination of technological response and breath actuation to control the delivery flow rate of medication — may significantly reduces errors in the device’s use, resulting in a much higher rate of drug delivery consistency.

Another feature is integrated patient instructions, both reinforcing confidence in the inhaler’s correct use and helping to eliminate critical errors, as well as minimizing the necessity for excessive training in correct inhalation technique.

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