Philips Healthcare’s SimplyGo Mini is a portable oxygen concentrator designed for today’s active patients. SimplyGo Mini features a small design and comfortable carrying case with an external battery, making it easy for patients to travel. As Philips’ smallest POC, it has undergone the same performance and reliability testing as traditional products. 800-345-6443; 

, from Southmedic, is an open oxygen therapy device that improves patient safety and significantly reduces costs. OxyMask allows clinicians to respond faster, and offers greater patient comfort and compliance. One OxyMask replaces multiple traditional devices as it delivers the entire range of oxygen therapy; 24 to 90% FiO
2, 1 to 15+ LPM. 800-463-7146;

Humidification_Fisher_Airvo2-200Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s Airvo 2 Flow Generator/Humidifier is designed to deliver Optiflow Nasal High Flow therapy to patients. The device provides performance and convenience with its integrated flow generator and innovative oxygen delivery system. Experience Airvo 2 in your hospital. 
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Humidification_Vapotherm_PrecisionFlowPlus-200The Precision Flow Plus, from Vapotherm, offers precise one-button control of flow rate, temperature and gas blend, and works with the same single-use disposable patient circuit and nasal cannulas as the Precision Flow Classic. 

oxygen_Caire_Eclipse5-100Caire Inc’s
 Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator, suitable for 24/7 use, offers both continuous flow and pulse dose settings. Equipped with autoSAT Technology that adjusts concentrator performance to meet a patient’s changing respiratory rate, this device covers most patient treatment plans, maximizes patient comfort, and is well-suited for hospital discharge programs. 877-704-0878;

Oxygen_Sunset_Firesafe-150The Firesafe cannula valve, from Sunset Healthcare Solutions, is a small device that can save patients’ lives. Firesafe reduces the impact of oxygen-aided fires by stopping the flow of oxygen if downstream tubing is ignited. Conveniently bidirectional, Firesafe is installed within seconds and has a four-year intended lifespan. 

oxygen_GCE_ZenOliteGCE Healthcare is pleased to introduce the new Zen-O lite lightweight portable oxygen concentrator. The Zen-O lite weighs only 5.5 lbs and can deliver pulsed oxygen up to a setting of 5. Both the Zen-O and Zen-O lite feature rate responsive oxygen delivery, ensuring appropriate patient saturation and field replaceable sieve beds for convenient low-cost onsite maintenance.

Oxygen_ResponsiveResp_PedRegulator-200Responsive Respiratory’s Pediatric Oxygen Regulator has a metered orifice and 1/64th flow. Responsive Respiratory’s line of pediatric regulators also offers a permanently engraved flow conversion table (decimal/fraction) for quick reference for both clinicians and caregivers, and helps to streamline inventory by eliminating the need for duplicate product.