The latest devices in humidification and oxygen therapy from Ventec Life Systems, Caire, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, and more.



The Maxtec MaxBlend 2 is a low-maintenance blender with a backlit LCD and acrylic flow meter, smart alarms, DC power port, and extended battery life. The device is backed by a two-year warranty. (See image above.)


Precision Medical

The Air-Oxygen Blender’s modular design from Precision Medical cuts routine maintenance time in half and reduces overall cost of ownership.  With simple to replace modular components, this unit is easily maintained by all biomed departments. The Air-Oxygen Blender can be customized with modular add-on accessories to accurately view O2 concentrations and adapt to multiple tubing connections.



Ventec Life Systems
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The VOCSN Multifunction Ventilator can deliver the equivalent of 6 LPM of oxygen using the onboard internal oxygen concentrator.


Caire Medical

The Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator is Caire’s all-in-one solution for patients at home or on the road. Equipped with autoSAT technology, this oxygen therapy device automatically adjusts with the patient’s breathing rate to deliver the prescribed oxygen with each breath. It offers pulse flow settings available up to 192 mL bolus size and continuous flow settings up to 3 LPM. Also, the device offers adjustable bolus rise time and trigger sensitivity, making it ideal for use in pulmonary rehab programs. It comes with the Caire O2 Discharge Program, which includes educational materials and broad capabilities to cover your patients’ needs.

Winner of the Providers’ Choice Gold Award in the New Product Pavilion at Medtrade Fall, the Caire FreeStyle Comfort is a 5 lb, five-setting pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator offering an innovative curved shape and designed with the patient’s comfort in mind. Features include sensitive breath detection and safety technology, an LCD display and glow-in-the-dark keypad, user-replaceable batteries available in two sizes, and wireless connectivity to Caire’s telehealth solution, CAIREview. Operational via wall outlet power, motor vehicle power, or by rechargeable battery power, the FreeStyle Comfort is designed for travel and meets FAA guidelines for commercial air flights.


Hans Rudolph Inc

Recently, Hans Rudolph Inc applied a new manufacturing method that has made it possible to produce a new low-cost, disposable short term, NIV mask that still meets Hans Rudolph’s high product standards. The new Eagle Disposable Mask is a true hybrid mask for short-term noninvasive ventilation manufactured with proprietary methods to deliver a low cost NIV mask needed in EMS market. The mask is made out of an extremely soft material that is specifically made to ensure a comfortable fit and seal. The Eagle mask offers extremely low deadspace, which translates into less work of breathing. The masks come with four optional swivels: AAV with CO2 vented elbow, AAV-only elbow, nonvented elbow, and nonvented straight. This multipurpose mask can be used at crash site, prehospital transport, acute hospital care, or sub-acute hospital care.


Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
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Fisher & Paykel Healthcare’s Airvo 2 Flow Generator/Humidifier is designed to deliver Optiflow Nasal High Flow therapy to patients. The device provides performance and convenience with its integrated flow generator and innovative oxygen delivery system. Experience Airvo 2 in your hospital.


Invacare Corp

Invacare’s HomeFill Oxygen System provides an unlimited, refillable ambulatory oxygen supply for patients to provide greater mobility and increase independence. Now available for use with compatible stationary concentrators that can meet the following input requirements of HomeFill: Input Pressure: 5 to 25 psi; Input Flow: 2 LPM; Input Oxygen Purity: >90%.