CPAP FP_IconSystem_225Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Featuring a Simple Mode and smart technology for a simplified user experience, Fisher & Paykel’s ICON+ series offers easy access to the 3 most commonly used therapy settings (on/off, ramp, humidity). The device can be used in conjunction with F&P’s masks and flexible compliance management system, InfoSmart Web. The ICON+ solution offers a cost-effective way to manage patient adherence.

CPAP ApexMed_ichCPAP_225
Providing comfortable and flexible therapy modes, APEX Medical offers the iCH Series CPAP System. The device’s integrated, heated humidifier provides comfortable, quiet, and reliable therapy, and the system is lightweight and compact for people on the move. 714-671- 3818;

CPAP DeVilbiss_IntelliPapSystem_215
DeVilbiss Healthcare
offers the IntelliPAP System, equipped with SmartFlex and Flow Rounding comfort features and a stacked design for a smaller footprint on the nightstand. Every device includes SmartCode Technology for compliance and efficacy monitoring and has a warranty of 3 years. The IntelliPAP System is available in Standard, Standard Plus, AutoAdjust, Bilevel, and AutoBilevel models, and is made in the United States. 800-338-1988;

CPAP Philips_RemStarSE_225
Philips Respironics
offers the REMStar SE entry-level CPAP device, an affordable unit with multiple features. The device is equipped with the En- coreAnywhere com- pliance management system, flex pressure relief, enhanced humidification with a heated tube option, downloadable compliance data, and enhanced VIC reporting. The REMStar SE meets CMS reimbursement requirements. 800-345-6443;

CPAP Respiralogics_BabiPlus_225
Providing a safe and accurate method of delivering CPAP for use with infants, Respiralogics offers the Babi.Plus Bubble nCPAP System. The system includes the Bubble PAP Valve, nCPAP prongs, Pressure Relief Manifold, Baby Cap, Baby Chin Strap, and Baby Nose Bumpers. Babi.Plus and Baby line accessories can be used in neonatal critical care units, delivery rooms, and special procedure units for delivery of Bubble CPAP. 855-473-7747;