Monaghan Medical Corp has released a new manometer adapter for its Aerobika Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) device—a drug-free, clinically supported device that reduces coughing and breathlessness, increases lung hygiene, and improves gas transfer. The manometer adapter serves as a visual compliance tool for the Aerobika OPEP to assist respiratory therapists and patients in assessing respiratory therapy that calls for active exhalation.

The Aerobika OPEP device works by using active exhalation: The patient wraps his or her mouth around the OPEP mouthpiece and exhales, while the device uses pulses of air resistance to release mucus trapped in smaller air pathways. The Manometer Adapter allows clinicians to measure the pressure exerted by active exhalation to determine therapeutic effectiveness. It is ideal for clinical training, ensuring that the OPEP device is used properly.

The Manometer Adapter—which has an easy-to-read scale that shows green when active exhalation is in the target zone of 5 cm to 20 cm H2O—provides immediate patient feedback and confirms that the patient is achieving therapeutic pressure every time the OPEP device is used.

“Postoperative patients and patients with severe respiratory conditions needed a new kind of respiratory treatment,” said Dom Coppolo, vice president of Clinical Strategy and Development at Monaghan. “That’s why we developed the Aerobika OPEP Therapy System—to help treat ailments with a productive cough seeking a non-therapeutic method of removing mucus from the lungs. With the addition of the Manometer Adapter, we now have an OPEP device that is easy to use and easy to monitor. The Manometer Adapter provides a baseline for active exhalation therapy so practitioners can measure patients’ recovery progress.”