Medline, a manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies and devices in the US, is partnering with Israeli-based respiratory device manufacturer Flight Medical, making its Flight 60 transportable ventilator exclusively available through Medline. 

Flight 60 is a portable, turbine-driven ventilator that can meet the needs of any patient, while offering the tools needed for caregivers to provide optimal ventilation, according to a release from Medline. The device delivers ventilation modes necessary to support high-acuity patients while easily transitioning to and from non-invasive ventilation. Along with portability, Flight 60 can provide ventilation for pediatric through adult patients.

Concerns of availability and access to quality ventilators have been elevated in national and international dialogue in recent years as a result of the pandemic and subsequent issues around ventilator product safety.

“This collaboration will make an impact in addressing ventilator availability in the industry and, most importantly, help our providers improve patient care,” says Brian Groskopf, senior director of product management at Medline, in a release. “By joining forces with Flight Medical, we strengthen our respiratory portfolio to meet the needs of customers across the continuum of care.”

Flight 60 offers advanced ventilation modes, precise control mechanisms, and a user-friendly interface ensure optimal performance and ease of use in healthcare, transport, and home settings.

“Our vision is to avail every patient with a reliable, easy-to-use, and functionality-rich ventilator,” says Amir Kleinstern, CEO of Flight Medical, in a release. 

Shauna Winston, the Americas director of sales at Flight Medical, says in a release, “This exciting partnership with Medline enhances our ability to help save lives and improve patient outcomes around the world.” 

Photo caption: Flight 60

Photo credit: Medline/PR Newswire