B&B Medical Technologies has released a new neonatal endotracheal tube securement product, Baby Tape Plus. The product is an FDA listed Class I device and carries the CE mark.

Baby Tape Plus is a pre-cut endotracheal tube holder made from a non-irritating, latex free hydrocolloid adhesive that is skin friendly for infants. Like all B&B Medical endotracheal tube holders, Baby Tape Plus is designed to be quick and simple to use in a wide variety of situations. The circular tube wrap makes for a cleaner, easier application and the larger wing tabs cover a bigger surface area for greater security, they can also be trimmed to fit a wide range of infants. In addition, the securing neonatal ET Tubes the middle tape strips can also be used to secure nasogastric/orogastric tubes and cannulas. 

“We’ve had numerous requests from all over the globe to add a solution for babies to our line of endotracheal tube security products” said Stu Novitz, VP of Sales and Marketing at B&B Medical. “We believe the addition of Baby Tape Plus™ will further establish B&B Medical as a leader in the neonatal and endotracheal tube security markets.” 

B&B Medical has come to be known as a manufacturer that provides unique solutions for the NICU since the introduction of their infant water seal CPAP valve, the B&B Bubbler, in 2014. “Being one of the preeminent manufacturers of endotracheal tube security products and bubble CPAP components gave us special insight into a need that the market was requesting”, said Allyn Wilkes, Acute Care Account Representative at B&B Medical. “The clinician/patient field testing we conducted assisted us in designing a cost-effective product with the performance and reliability that our customers expect from B&B Medical’s endotracheal tube security products”. 

More information is available on the B&B Medical Technologies website.