Teleflex Medical, Research Triangle Park, NC, will introduce three new products to respiratory therapists at the 52nd International Respiratory Congress of the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC) December 11 to 14 in Las Vegas—the Comfort Flo humidification system, the Gibeck Humid-Flo heat and moisture exchanger, and the Hybrid universal interface.

“This is an exciting time for the respiratory professional,” said Jeri Eiserman, RRT, past president of AARC and director of professional sales and support at Teleflex Medical. “These new products advance the caregiver’s quest to optimize and enhance the delivery of respiratory care.”

  • The Comfort Flo humidification system is designed to facilitate the delivery of high-flow respiratory gases. It delivers high-flow, heated, humidified oxygen through a nasal cannula to adult, pediatric, infant and premature patients. High-flow therapy allows spontaneously breathing patients to comfortably receive a wide-range of flows (1-40 LPM) to deter from more invasive and often more expensive therapies.
  • The Gibeck Humid-Flo heat and moisture exchanger (HME) allows the HME to remain in-line during medicated aerosol treatments given to the mechanically ventilated patient. The novel design addresses the traditional challenge of breaking the ventilator circuit. The Humid-Flo’s design reduces the risk of cross-contamination while still allowing the effective delivery of aerosolized medication.
  • The Hybrid universal interface is a dual airway mask designed for providing CPAP, pressure support therapy, or non-invasive ventilation. The Hybrid’s design promotes patient comfort by eliminating pressure points on the forehead and across the bridge of the nose. A built-in chin flap gently supports the chin ensuring optimal performance.

More details can be found at Teleflex’s website.