CHRISTUS Health is converting to Covidien’s Nellcor pulse oximetry technology, with the goal of better patient safety, according to a company news release. Pulse oximeters may provide early warning of dangerous respiratory complications, enabling clinicians to detect and address life-threatening events sooner.

Nellcor pulse oximetry technology can effectively monitor a wide range of patients even when signal interference is present, according to Covidien.

“We carefully assessed competing technologies and found that Nellcor was able to detect the onset of respiratory depression at an earlier time,” said Ed Hardin, CHRISTUS Health vice president of supply chain management.

CHRISTUS Health is an international Catholic, not-for-profit health system headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and comprised of almost 350 services and facilities, including more than 60 hospitals and long-term care facilities, 175 clinics and outpatient centers, and dozens of other health ministries and ventures.