Masimo announced the full US market release of the Stork smart home baby monitoring system, a neonatal monitoring system that can detect babies’ oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate, and temperature with accuracy and dependability.

The Masimo Stork baby monitor system — which should not be used for medical purposes — is comprised of several components and is available in multiple configurations. Masimo Stork Vitals+, the flagship solution, consists of a boot with sensor, video camera, and mobile app. The boot is made from an ultra-soft, comfortable medical-grade silicone that conforms gently to the baby’s foot and comes in three sizes to ensure a good fit and to accommodate babies up to 18 months old. The sensors embedded in the Stork boot are the product of meticulous engineering, harnessing Masimo’s decades of expertise in newborn monitoring to accurately and dependably detect babies’ pulse rate, SpO2, and temperature.

“We are delighted to bring Masimo Stork to parents and caregivers in the United States,” said Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo. “With the launch of Stork, parents for the first time can have access to a technology originally developed for the most challenging patients in hospitals, with a user interface that is a simple and easy-to-use app on a phone.” 

The Stork smart home baby monitor represents a significant advancement in smart baby monitoring technology, providing parents and caregivers a continuous and accurate view of their baby’s health data. Leveraging Masimo’s revolutionary noninvasive hospital neonate monitoring technologies, Stork offers a range of innovative features, including: 

  • Continuous tracking of health data: Stork’s noninvasive sensing technology has been used by hospitals for more than 25 years and today monitors over 10 million babies around the world each year.1 Stork tracks health data such as pulse rate, oxygen saturation (Sp02), and temperature, helping give parents greater awareness of their baby.
  • 2K quad high-definition (QHD) capable video: With crystal-clear video and audio streaming capabilities, parents can keep a close eye on their baby from anywhere, at any time, through the companion smartphone app.
  • Parent-tested mobile app: The Stork app’s user-friendly interface allows parents to customize room condition alerts, view historical data, and receive notifications about the sensor’s status.
  • Secure and encrypted connectivity: With its hospital roots, Masimo prioritizes the security and privacy of its users. The Stork baby monitor features AES-256 bit encryption to safeguard sensitive data.

Stork’s high-resolution camera provides outstanding nighttime vision and offers high-quality two-way audio through the camera, letting parents hear and talk to their babies as if they were right next to them. The camera is also equipped with room condition monitoring to accurately report room temperature and humidity. All components are connected to the Masimo Stork app, which allows parents to see their baby’s monitoring data, view summaries of averages and trends, and share photos with others. Stork has been designed to open up many more incredible features, to be made available in the future, some for free and some for additional cost.

For consumers who do not require streaming video or want to extend baby tracking outside the home, the Stork Vitals solution replaces the camera with a health hub which connects the Stork boot and sensor to the Stork App, while still allowing parents to hear their baby and monitor room conditions.

Masimo Stork is an ideal gift for new and expecting parents, for baby showers, or as a thoughtful gesture for those who want to track health data to get to know their baby better. The Masimo Stork system ranges from $249 to $549 USD and is for sale online at and at retailers like Best Buy and Babylist.