The FDA has cleared the Neuromark Rhinitis Neurolysis Therapy (RNT), an in-office treatment designed to create lesions to disrupt the posterior nasal nerves, for patients with chronic rhinitis, according to Neurent Medical.

Approximately one in four Americans suffer from chronic rhinitis, a condition that results in persistent congestion, rhinorrhea (runny nose), sneezing and nasal itching caused by inflammation and swelling of the mucosal membrane in the nose. Neuromark RNT is designed with a unique flexible electrode array geometry to access and disrupt hard-to-reach posterior nasal nerves in a single placement.

“The FDA clearance of Neuromark RNT means otolaryngologists can now offer precise care to patients with chronic rhinitis, while avoiding the trial and error that often goes into treating this condition” said Marc Dubin MD, Scientific Advisor for Neurent Medical. “The truth is, medications, sprays and other intranasal procedures are often either ineffective or only offer short-term relief for patients suffering with chronic rhinitis. I look forward to being able to offer them an exciting new treatment option conveniently administered in a single in-office visit.”

Neuromark system is a novel multi-point nerve disruption treatment for chronic rhinitis. The system’s unique design, biofeedback monitoring features and advanced algorithmic controls enable the physician to simultaneously disrupt multiple nerve branches with a high degree of anatomical precision, safety, and patient comfort.

“It is well documented1 that chronic rhinitis can significantly decrease the quality of life for patients by adversely impacting their sleep quality, daily activity, mental health and overall wellbeing” said Neurent Medical CEO Brian Shields. “Neuromark addresses the limitations of other treatments and uses advanced technology to do so safely, gently and with ease. The market need is immense and underserved, and we are excited to bring our initial product offering to the market, providing symptom relief to as many patients as possible. We are equally as excited to continue our product pipeline development to address other sino-nasal inflammatory conditions and realize the full potential of the Neuromark platform.”