Nonin Medical has appointed five new members to the Nonin board of directors. According to the company, the new directors bring a diverse and unique set of experiences, along with a passion for growth and innovation in the medical device and healthcare sectors. Together, they will provide Nonin with strategic guidance and support the company’s continued growth.

The new Nonin board of directors members are:

“We have assembled a team of world-class board members with successful track records in the industry who will provide valuable business insights as we accelerate our growth trajectory and serve customers across the globe. Looking to the future of Nonin, we are confident the new board members are uniquely qualified to support the next growth phase of the company,” stated Phil Isaacson, Executive Chairman, Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Nonin Medical. 

With healthcare technology playing a major role in the management of the global pandemic, the Nonin leadership team recognized the need for a new Nonin board of directors to help the company address rapidly changing market needs and meet the demands of providers, payors, and other audiences using health-driven digital and data solutions. Phil Isaacson will continue in his board role.

The biographies of the new board are available at Nonin Medical’s website.

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