Masimo Corporation, Irvine Calif, creator of pulse CO-oximetry and read-through motion and low perfusion pulse oximetry, will partner with Apria Healthcare to provide pulse oximetry products and accessories for the Lake Forest, Calif-based HME supplier’s health care business.

After entering a competitive bid, Masimo was chosen for the clinical performance of its SET pulse oximetry technology, which proved to work the best at enabling Apria customers to detect hypoxic events in the home care setting.

More than 100 independent studies have confirmed that Masimo SET provides the most dependable continuous noninvasive arterial blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate measurements compared to similar devices, even under the most difficult clinical conditions, including patient motion and low peripheral perfusion. SET also significantly reduces false alarms while improving detection of true events.

Joe E. Kiani, chairman and CEO of Masimo, stated, “This partnership with Apria marks Masimo’s entry into the home care market in the USA. Our mission has been to improve patient safety and reduce cost of care by taking noninvasive monitoring to new sites and applications.”