The Circulaire II High-Efficiency Drug Delivery System from Westmed Inc optimizes medication delivery while reducing caregiver exposure to pathogens like the coronavirus.

The Circulaire II, the only aerosol delivery system available that includes an integral Exhalation Filter as a standard feature, is designed to optimize aerosol therapy and mitigate caregiver exposure to the contagion.

While not a complete solution, the integral Exhalation Filter in the Circulaire II has bacterial >99.99% and viral >99.98 efficiencies, mitigating exposure to exhaled patient droplets and medication during aerosol therapy, according to the company.

One enhancement from the previous model included a unique medication reservoir, designed to retain the excess aerosol produced during nebulization which would subsequently be inhaled by the patient during inspiration, thus providing maximum output delivery of the nebulizer. As a result, only the Circulaire II System effectively doubles the dosage of medication with every breath, Westmed says.

In addition to functioning as a holding chamber, conserving medication and enhancing aerosol delivery, the reservoir also prevents room air dilution of medication to achieve the highest fraction of inhalable aerosol in the industry.

In fact, multiple studies confirm, the Circulaire System delivers more drug mass in less time than any other conventional nebulizer. Plus, a One-Way Valve virtually eliminates the risk of the patient re-breathing into the nebulizer, to protect the nebulizer and the Reservoir from contamination by exhaled pathogens.

More information is available at the company’s website.