Hamilton Medical has issued an infection control info sheet to help clinicians using their ventilators to ensure protection against internal contamination. The guidelines also offer info on protecting patients and healthcare workers.

The document outlines 12 recommendations to avoid contamination, including:

  • Use an inspiratory bacterial and viral filter to ensure non-contamination of the internal ventilator gas path.
  • Protect the expiratory valve with a hydrophobic bacterial and viral filter.
  • For active humidification, as with a Hamilton-H900 humidifier, use a bacterial and viral filter on the inspiratory and expiratory port (hydrophobic version).
  • For passive humidification, use a bacterial and viral HME/HMEF filter between the proximal flow sensor and the patient to protect the airway against contamination. Be aware of changes in anatomical dead space and airway resistance, and exchange the filters regularly.

Read all 12 recommendations at the Hamilton Medical website.