For the third day in a row, the United States recorded its greatest number of COVID-19 cases in a single day, with 4,905 additional cases on Mar 19. The Mar 19 tally brings the cumulative US total to 14,250 infections.

Thursday was also the US’s largest single-day death toll from the virus at 55. Two hundred five Americans have died since the start of the epidemic. In the last week, the death toll has increased more than fourfold, from 49 to 205.

The rate of reported infections has also grown significantly, as the US count has now outpaced Italy’s infections through Day 17 since its ~100th reported infection. (See Table 1 below).

The US reported its 100th case on Mar 2. Italy, meanwhile, reported its ~100th case on Feb 23. When using those days as a baseline, the US has been reporting fewer infections than Italy every day, until Mar 19. That day, the US cumulative total surpassed Italy’s (14,250 vs 12,462).

Table 1. Cumulative total of COVID-19 infections reported in Italy, South Korea and the United States after each country documented its ~100th known case. Based on data from Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering and Worldometer.

The day was also marked by major restrictions being expanded in California, as Governor Gavin Newsom announced a “Stay at home” order for the entire state of nearly 40 million people. According to the governor’s office, the order went into effect immediately on Mar 19 and will remain in place “until further notice.” It allows Californians to leave their homes for essential purposes only, including food, healthcare, and banking.

“We need to bend the curve in the state of California,” Newsom said at a press conference. There’s a recognition of our interdependence that requires of this moment that we direct a statewide order for people to stay at home.”

California has reported 1,030 infections and 18 deaths. Elsewhere in the US, the death tolls are as follows:

  • Washington: 74 deaths
  • New York: 38
  • California: 18
  • Georgia: 10
  • Louisiana: 10
  • Florida: 9
  • New Jersey: 9
  • Texas: 5
  • Colorado: 4
  • Illinois: 4
  • Connecticut: 3
  • Michigan: 3
  • Oregon: 3
  • Indiana: 2
  • Kentucky: 2
  • Virginia: 2
  • Kansas: 1
  • Maryland: 1
  • Mississippi: 1
  • Missouri: 1
  • Nevada: 1
  • Oklahoma: 1
  • Pennsylvania: 1
  • South Carolina: 1
  • South Dakota: 1