The ATS Research Program announced three research grant opportunities with support from 4DMedical, a global medical technology company with a focus on lung health.

With a total grant support of $150,000, each of the three $50,000 grants will fund research in asthma, COPD, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. All three grants, which are for one year, will use 4DMedical’s x-ray velocimetry lung ventilation analysis software. 

“4DMedical aims to contribute to the ATS mission to help the world breathe by revolutionizing respiratory imaging and ventilation analysis. Our vision is to provide access to advanced technology providing patients and their doctors with better information and thereby promoting better outcomes for a wider range of patients with chronic and progressive lung diseases,” said Professor Andreas Fouras, PhD, founder, CEO and CTO, 4DMedical. 

“These three grants are a welcome addition to the ATS Research Program,” said MeiLan Han, MD, MS. “Advanced technology in respiratory imaging and ventilation analysis has the potential to advance our understanding of lung diseases and guide decisions in patient care. We’re grateful the 4DMedical for providing these opportunities for further research.” 

The application process opened Oct 1, 2020. Interested applicants may hear more about this grant opportunity here.