American Thoracic Society President M. Patricia Rivera, MD, ATSF, opened ATS 2024 in San Diego with a call to shape the future of respiratory health.

RT’s Three Key Takeaways1

  1. The ATS 2024 International Conference in San Diego will feature over 6,500 scientific abstracts, a record number of exhibitors, and numerous educational opportunities and awards presentations.
  2. Key events include the Opening Ceremony with Dr. Glaucomflecken, the Fran Comi Keynote Lecture on AI in medicine, and the Plenary Session on respiratory health and orangutans.
  3. Highlights also include the Women’s Forum, Diversity Forum, and symposiums on inclusive clinical trial recruitment, with notable speakers discussing significant advancements and issues in respiratory medicine.

1Read Rivera’s full address at

Rivera’s message is her last as ATS president as her term draws to a close after the conference. “It has been an incredibly fulfilling year, and I am deeply grateful to numerous ATS members and staff for their unwavering dedication, effort, and encouragement. Although stepping down is bittersweet, I will leave the role of president in the most capable hands of my successor, Irina Petrache, MD, ATSF, who will be a phenomenal leader for the Society,” Rivera wrote.1

On-demand ATS 2024 Conference highlights are available at the ATS website.

Source: ATS