Eli Lilly and Company is expanding the partnership in order to continue improving training courses for physicians on multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB).

The purpose of the online training course is to help physicians use the latest international guidelines and treatment protocols for MDR-TB care in their daily work. Providing the course online will allow more physicians across the globe to acquire the basic knowledge on standard tuberculosis (TB) management. A new toolkit will also be developed on how to manage TB in the workplace.

“We shall now be making the course more interactive with more case studies and a progressive learning pattern. A TB refresher course is important to get physicians back on track regarding the basic knowledge of standard TB,” says Jon Snaedal, MD, president of the WMA.

A signing ceremony was help May 14 in Geneva between Eli Lilly’s president of intercontinental operations, Jacques Tapiero, and WMA’s Snaedal.