RT looks at some of the latest simulation technology, RT education, and training programs available from Michigan Instruments, Hudson Simulation Services, IngMar Medical, and South Pacific Biomedical.

Michigan Instruments Inc

Michigan Instruments’ TTL and PneuView Lung Simulators are fully adjustable, versatile, and have the capability to replicate hundreds of healthy and diseased lung conditions that can more realistically represent the human pulmonary system. Ranging from adults to infants, the simulators provide greater flexibility for a variety of applications. (See image above.)

 South Pacific Biomedical Inc

South Pacific Biomedical’s test lungs can help train hospital staff, plus test, service, and repair virtually any ventilator. The TL2 Pro Test Lung is an advanced training and testing system capable of simulating a wide range of patient conditions, including independent lung compliance, single or double lung breath delivery, and airway leakage.

Hudson Simulation Services

TestChest, an advanced lung simulator developed by Organis in Switzerland, is now available in the US. It can be used for mechanical ventilation training, testing, and product development. With its unique model of heart-lung interactions, TestChest works intuitively with your ventilator and monitoring devices to respond as a real patient.

IngMar Medical

The ASL 5000 from IngMar Medical is the world’s most sophisticated breathing simulator, capable of simulating the full range of patients. The ASL 5000 is able to breathe spontaneously while being ventilated and can be used with any ventilator. The ASL 5000 can help you save time, accelerate development and improve testing.