Plasma protein biotherapeutics company CSL Behring hopes that its latest offering – DNA1 Advanced Alpha-1 ScreeningTM (DNA1), a diagnostic for Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (Alpha-1) – will identify known and unknown clinically relevant genetic variants to help physicians achieve an accurate diagnosis.

“Early diagnosis and treatment of Alpha-1 is important to help prevent irreversible lung and/or liver damage,” said Friedrich Kueppers, MD, professor of medicine at Temple University School of Medicine. “CSL Behring’s DNA1 test allows physicians to quickly and efficiently diagnose those with Alpha-1. The test also identifies other genetic mutations that may lead to Alpha-1 related emphysema that current testing technology might be missing.”

The only one of its kind, according to CSL Behring, DNA1 offers test results for clinical chemistry, targeted genotyping, next-generation sequencing, and isoelectric focus.

“For the 100,000 Americans who are estimated to be living with Alpha-1, a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle can be maintained with the proper treatment,” said John Walsh, President and CEO of the Alpha-1 Foundation. “The first step is taking a simple test, such as DNA1 , to ensure an accurate diagnosis for all Alpha-1 deficient patients. Once diagnosed, an appropriate treatment plan can be developed.”