CO Sleuth carbon monoxide breath test

Breathe E-Z Systems Inc

Breathe E-Z Systems Inc, Leawood, Kan, offers the CO Sleuth carbon monoxide breath test. It is a simple, noninvasive way to measure carbon monoxide poisoning in a patient enrolled in a smoking cessation program. Smoking cessation programs can be very successful with the motivational tool provided by a carbon monoxide device. The CO Sleuth provides visual proof of the dangerous CO levels found in the lungs of smokers. Most smokers do not realize carbon monoxide poisoning is a dangerous side effect of smoking cigarettes. Smoking intervention testing will provide the patient with positive proof of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, and the carbon monoxide monitor will provide a graphic display of the amount of carbon monoxide poisoning that is in their body. Smoking cessation clinics that use the CO Sleuth have reported excellent results in getting patients to stop smoking. (800) 490-5061;