photoSleep Testing Software
• SensorMedics, Yorba Linda, Calif, recently released the Alpha Version Series 4 sleep testing software, which has made scoring easier than ever. Its Multifunctional User Interfaces allow acquisition and scoring without changing screens. The Lab-Manager feature allows automatic patient scheduling and patient demographic information input from any computer in the Alpha network. The preset screen layouts set boundaries in the Compass, Tabular, Edit, and Acquisition panes. Screen Configuration buttons quickly and easily assist transition from the diagnostic treatment of the split-night study. The new interface unifies all technical annotations with a Virtual Clipboard, which provides a common place for all notations to be posted. Alpha’s Preference Sets, Display, Preferences, and Storage Montages provide customization of Alpha to laboratory requirements. (800) 231-2466;

photo Catheter Set
• Ackrad Laboratories Inc, Cranford, NJ, introduces its improved Esophageal Balloon Catheter Set for Intra-thoracic Pressure Monitoring. This product is ideal for monitoring ventilator and sleep apnea patients and measuring lung compliance. The catheter comes with a PTFE-coated stylet to aid the insertion procedure. The 5 French catheter is soft and pliable, offering patients maximum comfort over extended periods of time. The new proximal Y-connector allows for precise balloon positioning with the stylet in place. The catheter is radiopaque and has a series of markings to facilitate positioning. The catheter also has a female luer connector for standard connection. (908) 276-6390;

photo Carbon Monoxide Monitor
• Micro Direct Inc, Auburn, Me, offers the portable, handheld MicroCO. It provides fast, noninvasive reporting of carbon monoxide (CO) in ppm and the percent of carboxy-hemoglobin. Other features include built-in traffic light indicators for an instant visual display of carbon monoxide levels, on-screen breath-hold countdown, and a simplified calibration routine. The MicroCO is an excellent assessment tool for smoking cessation clinics, emergency department use, and clinical research. (800) 588-3381.

photo Hand-Held CO2/SpO2 Monitor
•SIMS BCI Inc, Waukesha, Wis, introduces the Capnocheck® II Hand-Held CO2/SpO2 Monitor, which provides measurements of end tidal CO2, respiration rate, SpO2, and pulse rate with N2O compensation for patients from pediatric to adult. The monitor utilizes an LCD backlit display with on-screen trending and high and low alarm limits for all parameters. (262) 542-3100; fax: (262) 542-0718;

photo Electronic Oxygen Conserver
• Chad Therapeutics, Chatsworth, Calif, introduces its new Oxymatic® 401 (OM-401) oxygen conserving device. It is specifically designed for use with ambulatory oxygen systems, and its superior oxygen conserving efficiency extends the useful life of any oxygen cylinder an average of 5:1. Chad has integrated its time-tested technology with a built-in regulator to provide patients with a convenient all-in-one unit, which reduces costs and improves the ease of use. The OM-401 eliminates the need for the supply tube between the regulator and the conserver and is designed to service a broader range of oxygen patients by providing equivalent oxygen deliveries of 1-6 L/M. (818) 882-0883; fax: (818) 407-8128;

photo Breath CO Monitor
• Bedfont Scientific, Medford, NJ, recently introduced the piCO Smokerlyzer®, a low-cost, lightweight, battery-powered breath carbon monoxide monitor. The device helps smokers to quit by providing visible proof of damaging CO levels and charting progress during cessation therapy. It is the latest addition to a family of monitors that are used throughout the world by health care professionals working in smoking cessation programs. Features include easy-to-read display with instant results, auto-zero and breath-hold countdown timer, and inexpensive disposable mouthpieces, and it can also be used for the screening of CO poisoning and smoke inhalation, as well as ambient air monitoring. (609) 654-5561; fax: (609) 654-9878;