Vitalograph has launched SpiroTutor, a new online training website for respiratory diagnostic testing and monitoring equipment in the US.

“Vitalograph is addressing the pervasive issue of affordable and timely training surrounding quality respiratory diagnostic testing and monitoring. Thus, SpiroTutor was developed to provide thorough and consistent training to clinicians of all skill levels online and on demand. Vitalograph is working to break down the barriers to effective spirometry use by including this service with their products and thereby build confidence in the clinicians using our products to make a positive impact on the patients that they serve,” the company said in a press release.

Through SpiroTutor, Vitalograph can provide training access to users 24/7, making training and maintaining critical skills sets easier and more convenient than ever, the company says.

SpiroTutor is designed to improve:

  • Flexibility: Clinicians can now access courses at work or at home anytime. Courses can be started and paused if interrupted and are accessible for review for up to 90 days if needed.
  • Accessibility: Access is easy, all that is needed is log in account and a web browser.
  • Quality: Training improves accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. This novel tool can be used for initial training and annual competency review with a certificate to authenticate.
  • Finances: Confident quality testing results in fewer maneuvers and higher productivity for clinicians at the bedside. There is no additional cost for the first enrollment.

“The development of this online service will help ensure that every Vitalograph customer has timely access to product training from the start. Vitalograph already manufactures market leading and award winning respiratory diagnostic products and this integrated service is going to make sure that all of our customers have access to resources that maximize efficient use,” said Troy Pridgeon, executive VP of Sales and Operations at Vitalograph US. “We are happy to partner with Amanda Clark, President of Carolina Diagnostic Solutions, to build this resource and believe that this initiative further solidifies Vitalograph’s position as an industry leader for respiratory diagnostics. Amanda brings more than two decades of clinical experience to make the content applicable to real life scenarios of use.”

The company is providing free enrollment with each new device purchased. Upon the completion of the training content, a manufacturer’s certificate will be issued to the customer. Training content includes all Vitalograph diagnostic software, spirometers, respiratory monitors, and screeners.

Clinicians can access their free training by registering a new Vitalograph device within 30 days of purchase at . Once registered, an invitation email will be sent with log in instructions to access SpiroTutor training content.

Additional enrollments, group training, and live training are also available for purchase. To learn more, visit