Aware, Well, And Keeping Energized (AWAKE) has several hundred "brick and mortar" chapters, located in all 50 states and in Canada. Because it is difficult, if not impossible, for long distance truckers to attend physical meetings on a regular basis, Truckers for a Cause (TFAC), a driver-to-driver medical suppport group, and the American Sleep Apnea Association are going to provide, at no charge other than that of the phone call, a "virtual meeting room" where professional drivers can attend the meeting via telephone. Attendees will be provided with the same information that is available to people attending a "brick and mortar" meeting.

The initial meeting is scheduled for September 21 at 7 pm central time. Guests will include Ed Grandi, executive director of American Sleep Apnea Association; Bob Stanton, coordinator for AWAKE; Gary Hull, coordinator for TFAC; John McElligott, MD (the truckers physician). The principle speaker will be Mark Berger, MD, from Precision Pulmonary Diagnostics. Berger is a physician who specializes in treating truckers. His topic will be the differences between truck sleep studies and in-lab studies. Berger’s presentation will be followed by a question-and-answer period.

People interested in attending can call (712) 432-6060; enter access code 350926#. There is requirment for membership in Truckers for a Cause. This is a free public service presented by TFAC and the American Sleep Apnea Association.