MGC Diagnostics is now offering its Ascent cardiorespiratory diagnostic software for pulmonary function testing. The Ascent solution adds to MGC’s complete line of cardiorespiratory diagnostic equipment manufactured in the United States.

Getting the best test results from each patient relies on software that helps guide you through the testing process, MGC says. The Ascent software’s notifications tell you if the efforts are acceptable according to ATS criteria. The new ATS Scorecard shows you every effort and how they match for acceptability and repeatability.

However, the company explains, performing the test is only part of it. What happens with the data after the test is just as important.

Ascent software’s reporting, networking and EMR interfacing offers flexibility for clinicians to present data. Whether it is from a lab workstation, physician’s office or home office, Ascent software’s interface allows the data to be accessed in multiple ways when it is convenient for the clinician, making interpretation fast and easy.

More information is available on the MGC Diagnostics website.