Instrumentation Laboratory has launched the GEM Premier ChemSTAT in vitro diagnostic (IVD) analyzer with Intelligent Quality Management (iQM) in the US.

The GEM Premier ChemSTAT system is a whole-blood analyzer designed for rapid basic metabolic panel (BMP) testing at the point of care, primarily in hospital EDs and clinical laboratories. Providing laboratory-quality results on-demand, in less than 70 seconds, from venous or arterial lithium-heparinized, whole-blood samples, the system aids in the timely triage and management of high-risk, acutely ill patients.

“With a comprehensive menu, including Creatinine and Lactate, and delivering results in seconds, the GEM Premier ChemSTAT will revolutionize BMP testing in the ED,” said Brian Durkin, Sr VP of North American Commercial Operations at IL. “Customer response has been extremely positive. Just weeks after initial release, the system is already contracted with healthcare organizations throughout the US.”

BMP is one of the most widely ordered tests for diagnosing acute conditions, such as acute kidney injury, sepsis and septic shock, and diabetic ketoacidosis. Featuring a complete BMP panel, the GEM Premier ChemSTAT system offers Creatinine, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and measured tCO2— as well as Lactate, Hematocrit, pH, pCO2, Sodium, Potassium, Ionized Calcium, Chloride and Glucose.  

To assure laboratory-quality results at the point of care, the GEM Premier ChemSTAT system integrates iQM, providing a complete picture of quality for each sample—continuously and in real-time—and automated detection, correction and documentation of any action it performs, to ensure the quality of every test result and supporting immediate patient management decisions.  No competitive system offers this assurance of sample quality and compliance. 

Like all systems developed from the GEM Premier platform, the GEM Premier ChemSTAT analyzer is exceptionally easy to use. The all-in-one, multi-use GEM PAK cartridge automates the most labor- and skill-intensive processes, ideal for point-of-care testing. Stored at room temperature, GEM PAKs are simply replaced every three weeks, requiring no maintenance or additional handling.  All testing components are self-contained, limiting biohazard and infection risk for operators and patients.

Additionally, GEMweb Plus 500 Custom Connectivity enables management of all GEM Premier analyzers in a network, including the GEM Premier ChemSTAT system, for complete control of instruments, operators and data oversight from any location. GEM Premier systems, combined with GEMweb Plus 500 connectivity, deliver a complete solution for improved patient care and efficiency. 

The GEM Premier ChemSTAT is not available in all countries and is not Health-Canada licensed.