Sunrise Medical, Longmont, Colo, announced plans on May 10 to evolve into two separate organizations—a mobility-focused business and a respiratory-focused business. Sunrise Mobility will supply Quickie ®, Jay®, Guardian®, Hoyer®, and Bio Clinic ® products. In addition, Sunrise Mobility will offer the A.R.T. Group® portfolio of products, which includes Whitmyer ®, AES®, Rehabilitech®, Kid Kart® and Kid’s Up® brands. DeVilbiss Healthcare, Inc will supply the DeVilbiss respiratory and sleep therapy product lines This evolution of Sunrise Medical as two distinct businesses is expected to improve agility, flexibility, and responsiveness to industry demands for both organizations.

 “We’re in a time of change as an industry, and in time of change, high performing organizations need to improve and adjust business structures—to evolve and reinvent themselves. And that is exactly what Sunrise is doing. Ultimately the creation of the two separate organizations will improve focus and create long-term value for customers. A truly focused approach can make all the difference in the world and we just couldn’t provide the necessary focus as one organization,” commented Michael N. Hammes, Chairman and CEO of Sunrise Medical.

 Kees Regeling President and CEO DeVilbiss Healthcare added “As a separate organization we’ll be better able to identify and plan for shifts in the market and react accordingly. This really will strengthen our position as a player both domestically and internationally”.