OxygenToGo, Jackson Hole, Wyo, will now provide free medical screenings for
passengers carrying their own portable oxygen concentrators (POC) onboard an aircraft. This in response to a government regulation that states all commercial air flights originating or departing from a US airport must soon allow oxygen-dependent travelers to bring and operate a portable oxygen concentrator onboard the aircraft.

“Instead of being caught by surprise by this regulation, airlines can rely on OxygenToGo to minimize any disruption to airline operations or passenger experience,” says Brent Blue, MD, medical director of OxygenToGo.

The screening from OxygenToGo will include:

•    Verification of a valid, signed physician’s prescription
•    Adherence to airline regulations regarding seating, advance notice, and documentation
•    Educating passengers on requirements regarding sufficient battery power and proper battery storage for their POC

OxygenToGo will also provide equipment to passengers who would like to use a POC but do not have one.

“POCs are safer and lighter than traditional tanks, plus passengers receive consistent oxygen through all of the segments of their trip: on the ground, during airport layovers and delays, in the air, and at the destination. With OxygenToGo, airlines remove themselves from the hassles, costs, and dangers of carrying heavy tanks filled with pressurized oxygen,” says Blue.