Dale Stabilock™ endotracheal tube holder

Dale® Medical Products Inc

Dale® Medical Products Inc, Plainville, Mass, introduces the Dale Stabilock™ endotracheal tube holder, providing a more secure method of stabilization and giving clinicians a better way to prevent accidental extubation. The flexible, cushioned, and latex-free system is easy to apply and secures most endotracheal tubes. The adhesive base that acts as the underpinning of the system is skin friendly and attaches to the neckband with a Velcro® strip to prevent slippage. The lightweight, flexible tubing channel prevents kinking and allows easy access for oral care. Patient comfort and a secure fit are ensured by the soft, easily adjustable, cushioned neckband. The holder is also adaptable for patients with facial hair. It is easy to apply and complies with Advance Cardiac Life Support guidelines. (800) 343-3980; www.dalemed.com.